Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A new leaf

A new year, a new life stage (ew, that sounds remarkably scary) and a new blog. Hopefully this new layout and attitude will refresh my musings in the same way I hope to get refreshed in life. College has been wonderful, but maybe it's time for bigger (and better?) things.

Peppermint mochas = death.
But a tasty death.

All that stands between me and being graduated is a take home final due Thursday. I'm keeping the faith alive. Diet Coke helps, as do apples, which I have learned can re-energize you more efficiently than a cup of coffee. And without the stains or the unfortunate tendency to spill (!) all over my clothes.

So I really have nothing to talk about, or any ideas about what I should talk about. However, I do have a new duck named Bartie, pronounced Bar-thee, much as someone named Bartholomew might nickname himself. I named him in honor of Arti, my roommate who introduced him to me. He seems to be getting off on the right foot with the rest of the gang, meaning Pudge detests him and Wade has already found a way to exploit him for labor. The wonders of the duck world never cease to amaze.