Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The ramp up

Wedding planning is starting to become a real thing to me, I think. While we have the big stuff nailed down (church, reception, dress, bridal party), we haven't even begun to tackle the million other little things that make up a wedding: photographer, guest lists, invitations, flowers, limo, etc.

Another thing that's beginning to build: school. A lot of my curriculum this semester is based on independent study--which means that I have to self-motivate for a huge part of these next few months. A 10,000 word directed reading is only the beginning.

I say this every year, and I totally mean it every year, but THIS IS IT! This is the time when I buckle down and start getting my life together. Yes, it's true, I do float through the world as a kind of self-contained chaos bubble, but this year is the year I organize some of that chaos. It's all about motivation, actualization, and desire! (No clue what that means but it sounds good). To that end, L. and I have embarked on the Couch to 5K running program--it promises to whip us into running shape in 9 weeks. Today was the second day of the first week, and I have to say that it was a lot tougher than the first day. Hopefully it will get easier. The program itself consists of interval training, jogging/running for different periods, in order to build our endurance without burning us out. I'll post updates as we improve.

Finally: I have started a project that hopefully will pan out within the next year or so. I don't want to go into details because there's a good chance it will all come to nothing, but declaring myself (at least partially) to the world is a good first step to holding myself accountable.

Dispatches to follow as events occur...

(As a side note: in the fifth grade city-wide spelling bee, I was eliminated on the word "occurred." I spelled it with only one "r." I'm still a little bitter, as you can tell.)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Absolute loathing

I hate crickets. HATE. THEM.

Once I have removed all the crickets from my house (or what I think are all the crickets) it seems like one or two just start hopping in! I feel like they are stealth, choosing the minute before the door closes to sneak in.

Crickets, take this as a warning. Do not enter this apartment. I will spray you, I will corner you, and I will squash you until you stop kicking.

That is all.