Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Late dinner

When do you know that you're a twenty-something girl living by herself in a strange city on an intern's salary?

When you eat dinner at 9 p.m., and dinner is a can of chicken noodle soup and an English muffin with peanut butter.

Also, when it's hard to fall asleep without the TV, and you've burned through your cell phone minutes before the month is halfway over.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A wealth of happy things

Oh man. I feel that I am jinxing myself with all the happiness that I am so suffused with. So many beautiful, wonderful things have happened to me in the last two days that I simply do not know how to describe them.

Yesterday, Valentine's Day, I received two amazing surprises - Twelve gorgeous multicolor roses from the fantastic ladies of 4QA and twelve beautiful two tone roses from my Tom - both of which were utterly unexpected and surprising, which made them all that much more sweet. They are bloming now and add such amazing color and brightness to my apartment. To wit:

The girls also sent me delicious box of chocolates. Yum.

And then, today, I went to Goodwill and bought the coolest cabinet-cupboard-whatever the heck it is ever. For $9.99!!! AMAZE!

And THEN...I came home and got an email that told me I got into Notre Dame. um...I don't even really have the words to express how happy this made me. So, at Jody's infinitely wise suggestion, i made my way to Metro Market and proceeded to buy myself a chocolate mousse cake and a mini-bottle of Korbel.

If you can't celebrate with the people you love, celebrate by yourself. I haven't been this happy in a long time.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Independent Woman, Part 1

So the reason I have been so completely MIA is that I had no cable (read: no TV, which is also no news, and also no TV shows to keep Bernie company) and no Internet (read: no access to email, blogs, anything...ack). But now that I'm connected again, news from the Milwaukee branch of 4QA, Tourneynbomb, Nguyens, and Disney Divas will once again commence. Saga=long, crazy, slightly dazed.

Left for Milwaukee on Saturday. Drove through white out conditions, 6 feet visibility, around Benton Harbor. Took an hour to get 20 miles. Sucked. Tom drove behind me. So it was okay. And we got here eventually.

Arrived in Milwaukee in the late afternoon. Unpacked everything. Carried a mattress out of my car. Took forever and it was really cold. Grocery shopped at a posh little urban grovery store called Metro Mart. Watched Groundhog Day on my computer because like the genius I am I forgot the connector cable for my DVD and television.

Next day, went shopping at Racine's (about 20 miles outside of Milwaukee) version of Meijer...Woodman's. Isn't that just too much?! Woodman's. Tom went home. I didn't watch the Superbowl because I didn't have any TV. Instead I watched Kinsey, which I purchased at Woodman's for 5 bucks, amd part of I Heart Huckabees, purchased for the same deal.

Next day, Monday. I started work, began training, did stuff. Came home after making a forty minute trek to Target and getting turned around on the freeways. Went to sleep watching episodes of Buffy season 7.

Next day Tuesday. I went to the only DMV open after 5, about forty minutes away, and finally something worked out. I got new plates and registered for a new license.

Today. Wednesday. Went to work. Drove home to wait for the cable guy, who was sick and had to wait for the company to connect me. He got put on hold! Seriously. After he left I went to the Police Department to get my parking permit and had a heart-stopping 15 minutes in which I thought I lost my keys. After I found them, in the single pocket of my bag in which I never put anything (of course it was there) I drove to Walgreen's to buy a screwdriver to put my plates in. Because I didn't have a screwdriver. But I bought one of those cute hammer-in-one things. And i finally screwe in my plates, and now I'm home.

Ah, the life of an ever-transient in-between-city independent woman.

At least my apartment is clean, cute, and nice to come home too.