Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A new leaf

A new year, a new life stage (ew, that sounds remarkably scary) and a new blog. Hopefully this new layout and attitude will refresh my musings in the same way I hope to get refreshed in life. College has been wonderful, but maybe it's time for bigger (and better?) things.

Peppermint mochas = death.
But a tasty death.

All that stands between me and being graduated is a take home final due Thursday. I'm keeping the faith alive. Diet Coke helps, as do apples, which I have learned can re-energize you more efficiently than a cup of coffee. And without the stains or the unfortunate tendency to spill (!) all over my clothes.

So I really have nothing to talk about, or any ideas about what I should talk about. However, I do have a new duck named Bartie, pronounced Bar-thee, much as someone named Bartholomew might nickname himself. I named him in honor of Arti, my roommate who introduced him to me. He seems to be getting off on the right foot with the rest of the gang, meaning Pudge detests him and Wade has already found a way to exploit him for labor. The wonders of the duck world never cease to amaze.

Monday, October 09, 2006


It's time to start working. I just spent a fabulous, wonderful, incredibly lazy weekend doing nothing but sleeping, eating, and watching various sports that were on television. How fab - and how bad for my gargantuan pile of homework. From now on, I'm buckling down.

Tomorrow night Tom and I are celebrating our 18-month anniversary (almost a month late, since I had LSAT when it actually happened) and going to the Tuesday Night Wine-tasting at Vinology, this new restaurant on Main Street. It should be very fun and I am looking forward to it.

This morning the window on my car broke. It refused to go up. What's up with that, and what's up with the $360 it's going to cost me to get it fixed? PLUS i missed class. How much does that suck.

But my new thermos makes me happy. It's silver and carries hot drinks and keeps them hot for a really long time. Very impressive.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

LSAT = done

Get it? Got it? Good.

Now I am eating pizza and drinking champagne and letting my brain be a blob.

At least until tomorrow.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Variety is the spice of life

Indeed. I am mixing it up this weekend and have hightailed it back to Kalamazoo/Port-age for some home time and my sister's confirmation. Food is good, doggies are good, everything is good. Yum.

Lucky got a haircut and he looks F-U-N-N-Y. He looks like a sausage dog. It's weird. But he is still really cute and smells good. Tom and I snuggle with him every chance we get, but he doesn't really seem to be fond of it. Maybe he doesn't like being squished? Dogs are weird.

Honeycomb's leg is still on the mend, but hopefully he's doing better. Right now I have been inforomed that there are 4 - count 'em, 4!) frogs in the pond out front. One on the top part and three on the bottom part. This morning Tom and I went and threw twigs at them and they jumped in the pond. Ridic!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

To the tune of my darling Clementine!!

Crazy peeps! Crazy weekend! Crazy wonderful people who I love!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am sick

I am sick and it is sucks and I have a cough and a cold and a runny nose and was feverish yesterday but not anymore and I hate it.

I have also given up on constructing proper grammatical sentences.

Being sick will do that to you.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

El Apartment

Our new apartment is awesome. Seriously. Like, awesome. Jody, Arti, Ruth, Irene, I love you! We must do that champagne toast soon. In other news, class starts soon, LSAT class has already started, and Ann Arbor weather is disturbed. I can't tell if the sky thinks it's November, or if it's a weird weather effect of global warming. Hopefully it's not the latter, although I would be surprised.

Thus far, all goes well in the world of Bernie back in AA. I've discovered something that really sucks - parking in Ann Arbor. Hot damn, parking is a pain. I drive up and down twelve blocks and can't find a single space, so I end up parking in a structure overnight and paying out the nose for it. Never again, I tell you! Never again.

The ducks are getting used to their new environment. Being incredibly forgetful and absentminded, I definitely forgot to bring a pillow with me from home, so I'm sleeping on a sweater-weave throw pillow with a duck on it that leaves grid marks on my face when I wake up in the morning.

Last night, I ventured out in heels. I am SO not used to heels anymore - this entire summer I wore nothing but flat shoes. I need to get used to them again so I can wear my many pairs of sexy stilettos instead of leaving them to rot in the closet, looking beautiful, of course, but going painfully unworn.

If you're back in Ann Arbor and haven't seen me and are reading this, call! We shall most definitely need to get together. Preferably over a slice of pizza and a glass of beer. Or maybe a glass of champagne...since I'm 21! 21 21 21 21 yes awesome hooray!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Jerzay...has been pretty awesome so far, gotta say. I am absolutely loving the return to civilization, including Asian food (so much Asian food!), being around the people I love and my doggy (in the singular sense, since Honeycomb is back in the hospital for the second time this summer), and, of course, the mall! I have been probably the most hare-brained person on the planet these last few days, though - I accidently left my wallet in Michigan and therefore am without my credit card, ID, and driver's license! Oh, the horror. At least I have supportive friends and family who allow me to bum off them while I am without proof of my social existence.

Ok, now I have to go. I'm going to New York! To see Hairspray! Broadway, here I come!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The last few days

So the wind-down has begun - more appropriately, I think I should say that the real wind-down has begun. Today is Tuesday, and I leave Mackinac on Friday. And it will be quite bittersweet.

I won't miss being away from my family, or the horse poop, or the sheer effort it takes just to get to Pizza Hut. But I will miss how beautiful it is here all the time.

And of course, I will miss the surprisingly fruitful shoe selection.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My new shoes


I know, I know, but look at how cute!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Graped Out

I bought grapes at Wal-mart last week. That means I have to eat them all, which means I am all graped out. In fact, I think I might have turned into a grape. Allow me to check.

No, I am still a person.

In addition to this, I've realized that I have a problem that involves over-shooting when I use my camera. When I cover events I often take upwards of 40 pictures. This problem is, in fact, hereditary, as my father must take seven shots of the same family photo and keep all of them despite the fact that the only difference is who's blinking.

In another interesting turn of events, Honeycomb, doggie extraordinaire, was hospitalized for several days over the weekend due to a torn ligament in his back leg. This makes me very sad and even more sad that I'm not there to cuddle and pet and treat him back to health. But I did get to see Lucky this weekend, which made me very happy, as his sweet, slightly dumb face was just as cute as ever.

Also, I'm quickly eating my way through a bag of Baked Cheetos. This is alarming.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Things I have learned in the past six days

A list:

-Chop suey is not confined to China, or even Asia. It is also made by little Polish grandmothers and served with egg noodles, though suspiciously resembling beef stew.
-Tons of people won't recognize that you got your hair cut. But when (and if) they do, they will be surprised and (hopefully) complimentary.
-A cucumber, sliced and dipped in honey mustard dressing, is delicious. And when you forget and leave the cucumber in the fridge when it was supposed to be your afternoon snack, you'll be very sad. But only until you remember that you have a cinnamon raisin bagel.
-Gas is expensive. But the whole country knows this.

This list is woefully short. Apparently, I have not learned much in the past six days.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A wonderful weekend, welcome water, and weather that's totally wack

So this weekend, my Tom came to visit me, and then his parents came to visit me, and it was wonderful. Poor, pragmatic, prosaic Tom, whose greatest literary pleasure is reading historical non-fiction, got dragged to two poetry events, one a reading, that filled his ear with the exact kind of metaphoric, similistic, and generally fantastic phrases he usually tries to avoid. (Is similistic a word? It is now.) But he was a great sport and provided excellent company. Plus he gave me lots of hugs.

One of the best things about his visit, though, is the gigantic 24-pack of aquafina he brought me that is sitting in the back room of the ofice, waiting patiently to hydrate me and make me oh so happy. And the water is very much welcome, and very much needed, because...

The weather is totally wack. It is hot, and not like a potato. This is more like chile pepper, Sonora Desert, Kokopelli hot, the likes of which I haven't seen since my desert days. Plus it's humid, so that makes things a little worse. Plus, it keeps threatening to rain but WON'T! What the heck is that? Rain already, and give us all a break from this stifling humidity.

On another, more random note, I have recently invested in the Mackinac Island Book Store, having purchased several tomes of edifying literature, among which are both Shopaholic Takes Manhatten and Shopaholic Ties the Knot. BUT! I DID buy To Kill A Mockingbird, so you can't laugh at me.

Much love, many hugs, mucho kisses,


Monday, July 24, 2006

Socks, and other contemplative thoughts

I have a philosophy of socks. Well, one that I just thought of. Socks are like relationships. They are soft and snuggly and cushion your feet and make it a lot easier to bear your burdens, especially the ones with the special weave that are supposed to help your arch or whatever. Sometimes you lose a sock in the dryer, and that's sort of how some relationships are, like elementary school friends. Sometimes socks get holes in them, and then you have to mend them or just take them off. Putting on holey socks over and over again is just bad for your feet.

Wow I am SO philosophical this morning. Really, this just stems from me thinking about the socks I am wearing and how the socks I wore on Friday developed a hole in the toe which really annoyed me.

Many hugs to everyone I haven't seen in a while. I miss you! I hope the summer is going well for everyone. May your socks always be warm, whole, and dry.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Big Melt

It's hot. We are experiencing the Big Melt.

Not really. It's just going to storm soon, and so the air is humid, heavy, and feels like a damp hug from a wool sweater. Gross.

The other day, while putting my contacts in, I dropped one and searched for it for probably close to ten minutes before finding it stuck to my foot. And since it was my last pair of contacts, it's probably not a good thing. So I ordered new contacts. Hooray mail! Poo $$$.

I have a scab on my hand now. Scabs are nature's bandaids. I like bandaids. I have some at home that have Garfield on them.

More frivolity later.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wow...long time no blog

Yes, indeed, long time no blog. I have interesting news to report - my camera is on the fritz. Yes, indeed, my camera! Pretty much my lifeblood! Unlike some people I know, who don't use their cameras very often, mine is almost always in my bag, ready to snap a picture - or nine.

The LSAT is also coming up - a scary and unthrilling prospect looming large on my horizon. Ew. Gross. Because my favorite thing in the world to do is bubble in little circles with a number two pencil that doesn't erase well early in the morning on a Saturday. Fabuloso!

On another note, Sideways = best movie ever. I seriously, honestly, absolutely love that film. Could it get any more fantastic? No, I really don't think so. Also, Twizzlers are the bomb, peaches are delicious, and Bernie is getting to the point where she actually is too busy to blog. So au revior, until next time. Hopefully, it'll be soon.

Friday, July 07, 2006


I became unbalanced while on my bike because of a stupid guy who was going really fast around a croner and almost hit me and knocked me off balance and i fell and skinned my hand. It hurts! I want my mom. And also a Tom.
And I put alcohol on it and it really stings!

This sucks.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Miss Clavel, orange gum, and the occasional grapefruit

Hi everyone!

I got an awesome doll from the Fourth of July kids table. Behold!

She is Miss Clavel from Madeline. Remember her? I loved her. I always wanted to live in an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, and be one of those twelve little girl in two straight lines, and she would rush up and down stairs putting on her wimple while I was having an attack of appendicitis.

Also, orange gum is amazing.

I know the Orbit commercials are kind of annoying and don't make any sense, but the gum is really delicious. And it manages to leave a good taste in your mough instead of the weird gross one you get from Juicyfruit or other such falsified fruit flavored chewing gums.

And I'm a big fan of the occasional grapefruit.

And in case you're suspicious, yes, that is indeed a grapefruit, not an orange. Trust me on this.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Tom is coming to visit me!

My Tom is coming to visit me! Isn't that the AWESOMEST? Yeah, I know.

While indulging my slightly-childish-but-eminently-lovable penchant for soft snuggly things that are good for cuddling, Tom has bestowed upon me his favorite childhood stuffed animal.

Nicefur is a puppet dog whose nice fur has been mostly loved off. His eyes are chipped from numerous throwing matches and his ears are tattered from the tug-of-war tournaments held in Tom's youth. He has a vicious looking scar running up his back from where he was sewn up after a valiant battle wound, and a hole behind his ear that yields the soft pressure of his cotton filled head when pressed. He doesn't have a mouth, so he is silent.

Best of all, he's loved. And now, he's mine (well, sort of. I share him.)

Yeah, I know.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back, and not really loving it

So I'm back from my wonderfully spontaneous Alpena weekend, and just to say, being away from a place where you have a comfy bed, plenty of food, and a readily available Tom isn't all that fun. Anyway.

I'm studying for LSAT as much as I can now, especially considering the fact that one of the most important things for me when it comes to law school is being able to go wherever I want. Ergo, high LSAT score. Which also sucks because it means I have to study a lot, but no pain, no gain, right?

Yesterday, I received a text message from the surprisingly technically cell-phone savvy Tater. Unfortunately, as I am neither technically savvy nor text-message experienced, I will have to resort to sending her a shoutout here on my blog.


Friday, June 23, 2006

An unexpected off-island jaunt


I am being spontaneous and implusive and taking a quick off-island trip to see my Tom for the weekend, which means I will be away from my computer and cell phone for a few days. Say it with me now, people: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

To keep you occupied, at the request of my darling Amanda, here are some pictures.

This is Pudge, me and Tom in front of Fort Mackinac, and the cool fudge birthday cake Leslie got for me!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

At last, an update

Sorry for the weeklong delay, although I'm not even sure if anyone reads this. oh well. It's good for me, at least, to get my thoughts out of my head where they seem to be rattling around on super-high speed.
Hmmm. I'm hungry. After I write this post I'm definitely going to eat something.
I have a bueaitful unch of flowers on my desk and they are so pretty, and made even prettier by the fact that I arranged them! Yes, I did indeed. They are pretty and pink and they make me happy.
Hopefully today I shall get a letter in the mail from a Tom. I think I will also send one today. Won't that be so exciting!? Also, i bought these really awesome markers at Wal-Mart the last time I was there and they are so cool. I'm afraid that they'll run out soon because I've been using them so often.
I still have a few stories to work on for this week. If I can get everything done today all that will be left for tomorrow is the Weather Channel and I can finish it and then relax because another stressful deadline is over.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Posts, sporadically

Unfortunately, blogger has updated its browser requirements, meaning my shady computer at the office which is still running Mac OS 9.2 is unable to deal with the cookie system. Therefore, I can only post on my blog when I have the energy to haul my laptop down to the office, which is going to become more often since I plan on signing up for an online LSAT course. Woohoo. fun fun fun.
The LSAT is pretty much taking over the part of my life tha'ts not already taken over by work. I want to get a really good score, really good, and the only way I'm going to do that is if I study because this test is a bitch. A bitch! And I need (and want) a very very very good score. Like, breaking 170. So I'm going to study. I've already blown a vast amount of money on LSAT books, and I hate spending money on things I don't like very much. I think it''s poopy. Which, come to think of it, it certainly is.
I miss everyone. On Sunday i went to Alpena and got off of this rock for 18 hours, which was fun and fabulous because it was for his mom's surprise birthday party and I had a really good time. I ate lots of food.
Also I went to Walmart, that mecca of consumerism and a veritable nirvana for those convenience-shopping deprived loonies living on the Island. I bought lots of stuff and lots of food, including containers that are compartmentalized which I was SUPER excited about but then my yogurt leaked into my sandwich. Lovely. So now I'm mad at the containers.
Nothing else to report except that it's Lilac Festival here, meaning busy busy busy. I am busy busy busy. Send me love! Send me emails! Send me anything and I shall send you fudge.
Love, an Island-bound Bernie.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ohhh I have such a headache

As you can tell from the title of this post, I've got a headache. And it's not pretty, either.

Also, I have just found out that one of my friends who lives in AZ has gotten engaged. ENGAGED, people. This is weird. People all around me are getting married and to be honest, it's kind of freaking me out. I mean, I am not freaked out about the potential or certainty that I may indeed one day be married. The freak-out factor stems from, I'm sure, the fact that these people are in the same life bracket as me and I am still studying for exams, worrying about papers, applyign for internships and law school and in this funky transitional period of my life that doesn't really jive with the whole settling down thing.

Perhaps I am simply fickle. My roommate and I are going to get icecream and it will be SO delicious. What flavor shall I get? I simply do not know.

Things are looking a little better lately. I have noticed a trend - I always get down in the dumps in the beginning of the week. It usually dissapates by Thursday morning. Coincidence? I think not.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The first month is ova!!!

Don't get me wrong. I'm having a great time here on the Mack. I am also not having a great time being homesick, Tomsick, and Chinesefoodsick. So I think things balance themselves out. I look upon this summer as a challenge. If I can make it through this and still have a good time, I can make it through anything.

The other day Leslie and I were singing Rent and there's a line that goes "New York City/The center of the universe/times are shitty/but I'm pretty sure they can't get worse/It's a comfort to know/when they're singing the hit the road blues/that anywhere else you could possible go after New York would be/A pleasure cruise." We think that it applies very well to Mackinac Island.
Nothing else is really happening in the life of the Bern.
What should I eat for lunch?

OOOH I remember what's new. In two weeks Tom is going to come and visit me again! How exciting is that!? I can't wait. I miss that kid so much.

Everyone else should come and visit me too. Ahem.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


bought shoes.

Me and my problems

...which are really little, but big in the tiny magnified world of Mackinac Island.

1. It's raining today and I wore flipflop sandals.
2. It's raining today and my umbrella has weird metal thingies sticking out of it.
3. It's raining today and I miss my Tom very much.
4. It's raining today.

Hopefully, my mood will be boosted by one of several things:

1. Getting a package in the mail.
2. Getting a letter in the mail.
3. Winning the lottery (not going to happen).
4. Indulging in some retail therapy...i.e., buying another pair of shoes. Because I'm wearing flipflops and it's raining and I need shoes.

Otherwise everything is peachy keen. I have decided that I am going to be sulky today. But only a little. This much --> .

There are also menacing little elementary schoolers tooling around on bikes. DANGEROUS. That's all I have to say.

Monday, May 29, 2006

A bracelet, a bicycle, and a Blue Monday

You know, I love having people visit me. The anticipation, the waiting, the planning - it's so much fun. And then when they actually arrive - good NIGHT! I can't get enough. Snuggling with my boyfriend, who I see far too little of, and hugging my family and my doggies, who are also much too seldom seen, makes me happier than pretty much anything else in the world.
Except that when they leave, everythign seems twice as sucky as it did before they came.
Hence, a Blue Monday. Loneliness is amplified when you've got something fabulous and wonderful compared to. I think this is why Hell must be so awful. If you went to Hell and that was all you knew you would lament your life but it would never be the actual psychological torment you undergo knowing and remembering all the wonderful things that came before.

Ok, enough of this depressed crap. Isolation is turning me into a regular Freud. Or Jung. Or something.

For my birthday, my handsome and wonderful boyfriend brought me a very pretty pink bracelet. It is sparkly and sterling silver and everything a girl could want. I especially like the messenger. :)

Also, my parents brought my bike, and having a bike is great! I like whizzing down the street. Also, I registered it at the police station and now it has a shiny new sticker on it that says to potential bike stealers "Hey! Back off!"

Also, today is a holiday and everyone in America is not working except for me. Ok, maybe that is a teensy exaggeration, but not by much. Seriously.

I miss Chinese food. Also I miss Pizza Hut and Meijer. And everyone that's not here with me, which is everyone.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh, ya.

Since I've been here in Mackinac, I've heard more yooper accents than I would if I watched Fargo nine times. I think it's really - that lilt in the voice at the end, that turns any statement into a pseudo-question, and of course, that "oh, ya?" That gets me every time.

I've also discovered a slight addiction to buying postcards. I think I've spend close to 5 dollars on postcards. Which is a lot, considering that each of them are like 20 - 25 cents, and that's not even including postage.

I am super de dooper excited for my birthday, which is tomorrow. Hooray! I'm turning the big 2-1! I will finally be completely and utterly legal to purchase anything in any store! Hahahaha I am wicked awesome and no one can touch me. I am particularly looking forward to buying wine for cooking, rum for baking, and champagne to continue that alliterative Tom-and-Bernie brainchild, champagne and Chinese food. Mmmmmmm Chinese food, something that I haven't eaten in over a month. It's really sad how much I miss things like that.

Yesterday I ate so many Sour Patch Kids my tongue shriveled up. I don't recommend it. I also ate Mentos - the freshmaker! Tom says I am a marketer's dream because I can remember all the commercials. I think he is right, except I don't usually buy all the products, like Viagra and Goodyear and stuff like that. So am I a marketer's dream or just a teasing example of what they wish their actual demographic could be like?

Whatever. These musings are the end product of me having nothing to do in the office on a Thursday when Leslie, the other intern and my partner in crime, is over on St. Ignace and I can't reach any of my contacts for stories. And also my birthday is tomorow, so I am a little bit distracted. Perhaps this is a tiny bit understandable?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Things that are cool, and the best grilled cheese sandwich ever

Things that are cool:
-Faxes (we just got a new fax machine in the office and it's awesome)
-Good weather (not today, interestingly enough)
-listening to my iPod and writing blogposts during slow periods at the office (hey, I can't help it if the new owner of the Irish Pub isn't in today)
-Sour Patch Kids (they make me pucker but I love them.)

And...the best grilled cheese sandwich ever. Sorry, I ate it before I could take a picture, but if you're interested, you can get it at the Astor Street Cafe on Mackinac Island for $4.77, with chips and a pickle. I have eaten two of them in the last four days. Mmmmmmm. I think they must use extra fatty butter or something because it just tastes so good.

Booo I have to work and I have a deadline on Wednesday. But tonight the series finale of Alias is on, and even though I don't really watch that show and I never really udnerstand what's going on, it can't hurt to gain a little more pop-culture knowledge while simultaneously burning brain cells and drinking hot cocoa.
Question: hot cocoa or hot chocolate? What's the difference? Is one snottier than the other? Am I becoming the type of person who says "double entend" instead of "double entendrUH"?

Also, since I am slowly disintegrating due to my utter isolation from general civilization, I've decided that I should take advantage of my empty hours and get in shape. So let's see how long this plan lasts. Although with all the walking I have been losing weight, and my calves are getting suspiciously firmer. So much for sloth.

This excessively long post is a symptom of what happens when you put Bernie into an office for nine hours on a Monday with nothing even remotely close to delivery within a ten mile radius.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Money = no money

As evident from the title, this is a philosophical post.

I think that money = no money.

Actually, this only comes from the fact that whenever I have money, I get this simultaneous urge to spend it. Usually on shoes. Sometimes on t-shirts and excessive internet shopping. Hey, when you live on an Island, sometimes you just gotta do it. But in the short span of time I've been here I've spent about a zillion dollars at Wal-Mart, done a little online boutique browsing, and...AND...bought two pairs of shoes.

Will someone please explain to me how in the 2.5 weeks I've been here I've managed to buy two pairs of shoes? From the same store, no less?

They're cute though. Really cute. And also really necessary, considering the zillion billion miles I walk every day. Because they're flat, comfortable, appropriate for work shoes. And as long as I keep telling myself that, I will continue to prove that, indeed, money = no money.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hi Arti!

Yes, by request, I am now naming my posts after friends who feel unloved after I dedicated a post to Ruth (see below.)

Well. Mackinac Island. What can I say?

This weekend I watched an insane amount of intense TV. Grey's Anatomy season finale (oh I cried so much) and Desperate Housewives. It's fun living with someone who appreciates the joy of titillating television as much as you do.

On Sunday, I went to Wal-Mart in Cheboygan. This was seriously one of the best things to happen to me in a long time. I realize that saying that makes me utterly sad and pathetic, but at least I'm honest. We ate lunch at Pizza Hut and OH MY GOD IT WAS SO GOOD IT BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES. I miss pizza. I miss delivery. I miss shopping in a store where peanut butter doesn't cost $5. Wal-mart was awesome. I bought socks, salad, celery, crackers, oreos, candy, yogurt, chocolate, lotion, shampoo, and I won't bore you with the rest. BUT I DID BUY MEAN GIRLS! The DVD! And it is awesome.

In other news, the weather here has been crazy, but today it is beautiful. Also I am dressed all in black because our washing machine doesn't work and I have few choices. According to a certain someone, I surely look like a black mamba.

Today walking to work was a hoot. There were disgusting fat worms all over the place.

I miss everyone! Send me emails! Send me blogposts! Do anything to help me stay occupied before I go nuts!

Love, Bernie.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Hi Ruth. How you doin'?

Hooray! I am finally done with finals. Boo...I am going home and straight to my internship, which, though I am very much looking forward to it, does start at a rather cramped pace. Such is life.
And now, a list.

Things I will miss about this year:
-my beautiful, wonderful, amazingly funny roommates.
-cooking for myself.
-being 15 minutes away from a Tom.
-having friends all around me
-Tom's HBO

Things I will NOT miss about this year:
-paying rent
-the internet at my apartment shorting out
-cooking for myself (when it involves only ramen noodles and water)
-walking everywhere in the freezing, raining, freezing freeze rain
-class. duh.

Things I have learned this year:
-Arti sleeps on her tummy
-Irene sleeps all the time (actually, I knew that)
-Ruth never sleeps (I knew that too)
-various stuff from my classes...probably retained about 30%. Not bad.
-how to make chicken noodle soup

I forget the rest.

Leaving tomorrow. Must pack. Many ducks. Gas pricey.

Ah...I don't want to go home! I don't want to be old! I don't want to have responsibility!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stress and desire, or How I learned to live on 2 hours of sleep

Stress: Paper paper paper paper paper paper paper paper project exam exam exam paper paper exam.
Desire: Beautiful weather, awesome friends, handsome boyfriend (both of which are also studying)

Courtesy of N.
"Sleep is one of those paradoxical things. You want it the most when you can't have it."

Fully agreed on all sides.

Quick recap:
-Tater's visit = awesome
-Easter weekend = awesome-homesickness = aweshomesickness?
-Papers = making Bernie feel like a failure, part ten

On an embarassing note, today I somehow absentmindedly stumbled into a classroom full of people ten minutes before my own class was about to start. It seems that this has to happen every year, like a rite of passage or something. Some people do this as freshmen - Bernie does this on an annual (and sometimes biannual) basis.


Holding my breath for the plunge - if I survive, I'll be back later.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The bug is back

So, funny story...

Here I am, sitting at my computer, listening to various music, dancing and doing laundry in intermittent intervals, and - ooh! - i feel it!

The writing bug is back.

I have a lovely one line. I wonder if it will spawn a paragraph, a page, even - dare I say it? - a whole story.

"And so, Amy, the leaves are gone now, and so are the tourists. And so are you. I wonder when you'll be back?"

So do I, as-yet-non-existent Michael. So do I.

The bug is back, baby. The bug is back.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An update of the bloggingest kind

So, what's going on in my life right now?

School + Daily + Social Life = CRAZZZZZZY!

Like super crazy.

On a bright note, this summer I am living on Mackinac Island and writing for the Mackinac Town Crier, the weekly newspaper up there. it is going to be a hoot!! I am so excited and I really hope I get lots of visits from lots of people, all of whom I miss dearly and would love to see.

I have lots of papers and lots of tests and lots of assignments. This weekend is also Daily elections, that grueling all night ordeal that makes everyone wonder why they're sitting in a stuffy room with 60 other people, all of whom are also thinking the same thing. I am baking a cake.

Sofa is coming to visit this weekend, however! And Tater is too, and it is also MJ's birthday! Oh how exciting.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Haha I love taking stupid online quizzes

What Makes You.. by SheBangs12
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sprint to the finish line

So...from now on, it's just a sprint to the finish line. Spring break is in my sights, I've got a few more hurdles to go over, and then it's home free!!! Well, not really, since I have two exams the week I come back, but still! At least I will experience a week of big, comfy beds, yummy yummy food, good company, and doggies!! I am planning on playing with my doggies a LOT. A LOT. I miss those guys.
Tom and I have also been hanging out a lot this week, which is makes me feel so happy hanging out with him. Gretch's visit was awesome, as well, but too short - and now she is in Argentina!! I hope you're doing well, Gretch.
Also, it's sunny outside. WEIRD but nice.
More later.

Thursday, February 16, 2006



So for Valentine's day, I wasn't even expecting to see my Valentine. But then somehow there was a miraculous convergence of mystical forces (or just me trying to work things out) and we got to go to dinner together!!! And then...and then! I went home (well actually I made him drive me home) and there was a gigantic duck waiting for me with a box of chocolates!!! A GIGANTIC DUCK!!! He is so awesome. So awesome. His name is Scooter because he is so fat that he has to scoot around on his tummy. He eats a lot. Isn't that so cool? I love it.

Pictures to follow. Also, Gretch is here and visiting and I couldn't be happier!!

Blue days, begone!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Feeling down

I feel like this.

I am currently experiencing shades of rainy day blues (though it's not raining) with a chance for tears. I've just been feeling down today - it was supposed to be a good day. I just got done with a hellish week. I was looking forward to simply relaxing and turning into a vegetable with the help of my two good pals, sleep and television. But I've only managed to be quietly leak from the corners of my eyes and I have that terrible, tight feeling in my chest all the time - you know, the feeling you get when you're about to cry? Yeah. That feeling. It sucks.
Not even chocolate is making me feel better. I am not in a happy place right now. I want to be back in a happy place. This depressed stuff sucks ass.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

AH so busy

OH my gosh it seems like this week all my teachers decided to dumpa load of crap ALL OVER ME. Actually it's not just me, it seems like everyone else has a zillion million billion things to do too. And it's HECK OF HECK OF HECKS cold outside, but I have these really fabulous, squishy warm blue boots that are SO SO NICE and snuggly. I can't wait for spring break, too, because it will be a welcome relaxation period. Also I miss my Tom. He is at school. I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO so this post is ending right about now. Hehe, the funk soul rubber right about now (is that how it goes?)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to the blog

It's been a little while, but I've been busy. Really busy. Lots of things have been going on and I can tell that everyone around me feels it - Arti, Ruth, and Irene already have begun their cycle of going to the library late at night, and we talk about tests and homework as if it isn't only the second week of the semester. I've been so busy lately that I've sort of let a few things slide - time I usually keep for myself at night before I go to bed has disappeared, because I'm so tired I fall asleep as soon as I hit the sheets. The candles are keeping me sane, I'm telling you. They're nice and flickery and perfect for making the study atmosphere a little more serene and less hectic. I miss all my divas, too, and the fam. We went to state last weekend to visit MJ and that was a really good time; I got to hang out with some of my favorite people. Plus the long weekend was really nice because I got to spend some extra time with my Tom. I'm duckless, though- how sad.
Stay cool.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Toweled up

Right now, I feel nice and warm and toasty, all wrapped up in PJs and a towel for my wet hair. I miss my Tom. Christmas was wonderful this year, as always, and even more special because we had some seldom-seen Aussie relatives visiting us. I got Cinderella shoes for Christmas from Nganny-the-bungy! They are so awesome. I miss her - but she is a lucky stiff because Rutgers doesn't go back to school until the 17th! Booooooooo.
Lots of books to read - my classes for this semester seem like they'll be harder than ever. This means a lot of work. I also picked up another job and am on call twice as often at the Daily. This means Bernie = often absent.
Much love to all who I haven't seen in a while - I miss you all. Send me love! Send me letters! Send me both!
The ducks say hi.