Friday, June 24, 2005

I am going to NJ!!!!

Wow, I'm awake insanely early - this is nothing! I was up at 4:30!!!!! Hi-YA!!!

Anyway, I'm off. See you all in a week or so! Have wonderful lives until I see you guys again!

Thursday, June 23, 2005



Monday, June 20, 2005

Guess what?

Life is actually pretty good. Checklist, please.

1. Happy family - check.
2. Nice weather - check.
3. Other stuff - check.

Plus, I'm in love.

On another note, my mom tried her hand at amateur dog grooming today. Lucky's face looks like he got in a fight with a blender: hairwise, not bloody gross wise. Poor guy. My dad is going to flip.

YAY only three more days! Less than three more days!!

Also, my little sister got a xanga. If you want the address, let me know.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day...woohoo

Father's Day. Another lazy, lazy Sunday afternoon spent lounging around the house reading book after book, eating leftovers, playing with the dogs, etc, etc.

Something really wonderful is going to happen! My Tom is coming to New Jersey with me! We are going to spend time with my family, hang out at the beach, and visit New York!!! I am so happy. Nothing like the one you love hanging out with the ones you love.

Anyway, I just finished Stephen King's book "On Writing". Not only is it a good resource, but it is also well written and entertaining. I am such a fan of that man. He is so awesome.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Today sucks

Ok, today sucks. Even my mom agrees with me. The following is a verbatim transcript of a short conversation between said maternal figure and myself.

Me: Mom, today sucks.
Mom: Yes, today is [sic]sucks.

The toilet in my mom's bathroom started leaking out the top box lid thing, and basically flooded everything within a ten foot radius (though her bathroom's really big so it was confined to the room). However, we mopped, Shop-vac'd (Tom, we figured out what was wrong with it), and are in the process of washing all the rugs. I am also elbow deep in dishes, knee high in laundry, and up to my neck in things to do like vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom (toilets aside from the disastrous one).

I think I will console myself with chocolate, but what I really want are kisses. The Hershey kind would be nice too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bernie's Summer Checklist

Ok, so these are tentative goals. This summer is not living up to my expectations, and I am therefore trolling for a new plan. Ambition is good. In moderation.

1. Spend quality time with loved ones. This shouldn't be too hard considering it is probably the most pleasant of all my summer plans thus far, but there are very special people who are very far away, and as such it takes a little bit of planning and effort to get face-time with them.

2. Write a book. I know, I know, I've been trying to do this for years, but maybe it'll work this time. Any ideas? I've got a few, but it's kind of hard to get the ball rolling. I figure if I can force myself to write at least a paragraph a day, on anything at all, inspiration will strike. Plus my writing should improve, so that's only a plus.

3. Make/save money. AUGH I'm 20 years old. This means that I am nearly an adult. At the very least, it means that I'm going to have to start growing up (a fact made abundantly clear by a revelation that maybe I'm a tad too old for merry-go-rounds. But only maybe.) Anywho, money is, sadly, required for survival in modern human society (at least, modern American society). Saving/making some would probably be a good idea.

4. Edify myself. This means several things: reading all the books on my summer reading list (currently finishing Lolita), learning at least one new thing a day, becoming wise(r) in the ways of classic rock, refresh my knowledge of the Vietnam war, and study theology (at the very least, the Bible). Phew. I hope I can get through all that.

5. CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Any ideas? So far the only thing I can think of is to start a letter writing campaign against the bloodsuckers who leech onto senior citizens for money (think Publishers Clearing House, the weird letters you get telling you that you're eligible for a free TV if you buy a blender in 6 easy installments of $19.99). Or I could study everything about the Middle East and come up with a proposal and send it to Condoleeza Rice. I think I'll start small with volunteer work. Red Cross, Domestic Abuse Shelter, etc, etc.

Wow. Did I say ambition was good in moderation? Well, I guess in Bernie world, moderation:ambition::buffet:meal - huge. Is that analogy right? I think I'm mixing metaphors in there somewhere. Or tenses or something. Or cases. It's late. I'm stopping now.

Sorry for the excessively long post.

Missing my Tom.

Ten Four, over and out.


Hi, I'm back. Tom was here for the weekend and it was wonderful, but it flew by much too quickly. I am a little lonely once again, so if you're in town, DDs, give me a ring. Also pondering a visit to AA this weekend to see my girls. This blog has been awfully neglected lately. Apologies about that. More to come later, probably.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Summer update doesn't look like Bernie's heading to Vietnam after all. The security clearance probably won't go through for a good long while, which means...Portage for the summer. Any ideas on what I can do to be less vegetative?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Oh my goodness

Oh my goodness! Today is so, so, so hot. I feel like there's going to be a big storm later on tonight since the air is so still and warm and thick - I really hope so! I love a good storm. I just ate a piece of brownie ice cream cake, which I made according to an ancient (not so ancient) Florip recipe, and it is yum yum yummers. Also, our basement is now super super cool! Way to hang out there. I miss all of my friends very much. You should all drop me a line. I am on a mailing campaign this summer so you might receive a letter or a card! You never know.