Thursday, May 28, 2009

A whirlwind of a while

By next Monday, I will have:
-packed my apartment
-driven from Indiana to Maryland
-driven from Maryland to New Jersey
-attended a wedding
-flown from New Jersey to Kansas
-celebrated an engagement weekend
-flown from Kansas to Maryland
-started work

...all in three weeks' time.

Everything has been wonderful, despite the frenzied pace. My cousin's wedding was lovely — very romantic and an excellent starting point for my own wedding (T. and I took quite a few notes on things we liked, didn't like, etc.). Interesting and trivial things that have occurred in this same time:
-Dad suggests both a traditional Vietnamese band AND a Polish band for the wedding.
-I shot them down.
-I ate my weight in strawberries.
-I met my cousin A.'s dog, who is cute BUT NOT EVEN CLOSE to being as cute as Honeycomb and Lucky.
-I played with Honeycomb and Lucky a lot.
-My uncle sent me two kangaroos from Australia (stuffed, not alive)
-I learned that kangaroos cannot jump backwards
-I am a little aghast at my list-making tendencies

The engagement weekend was really fun, although it was a whole lot of shtuff crammed into a whole not lot of time. I wore a traditional Vietnamese gown and T. wore a suit. We took a lot of pictures. There were a lot of things wrapped in red cellophane. And as always, there was a whole lot of food involved.

Apologies for my delay in updating but I will try to be better about in future. Hopefully, this summer I will do many interesting things to provide me with plenty of blog-fodder (blodder?).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The real world, aka boredom, layovers, cooking dinner

Life has finally settled down a bit--I've arrived at T's and am pretty much at home...except for the spare room that has essentially turned into an explosion of all my clothes. A few days here resulted in some delicious experimental pasta dinners, some massive shopping for summer suits, and a lot of sitting around being bored. All necessary activities for post-finals recovery.

Today we leave for NJ: my cousin is getting married on Saturday. Then I leave to go to KS for a week and a half (during which time engagement events will commence and doggies will be snuggled), and then I come back. And then I start work (hopefully, considering my funding hasn't come through yet). And then the summer will go by quicker than you know it.

Phew! Two paragraphs of recap and I'm off to pack. Happy summer!