Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Despite my best intentions

As any semi-regular reader of this blog knows, I have attempted to kick start no fewer than three fitness regimens over the last few years. All have failed. This is a little discouraging, but change is always possible (YES WE CAN!).

In the interest of starting up again (my goal being a lung capacity greater than that of a two-year old child, and possibly the ability to run more than a few blocks without wheezing like I'm going to die), I have taken a number of fitness-geared actions.

To wit: I've purchased new running shoes (now with actual cushioning for your feet, as opposed to the clearance-purchased Meijer brand shoes I was using before), joined the 2L Powderpuff team (really fun!) and vowed to go to the gym.

Problem: I have NO IDEA where the gym is. Last night I got all swanked up in my new shoes and some ratty shorts, drove to campus, got out of my car, and walked around for twenty minutes without finding it. All the while I was on the phone with two different people trying to tell me how to get there. Then I gave up and went to go watch the boys' flag football game instead.

Also, the headphones I purchased yesterday for my iPod were broken. I swear, it's like the universe is conspiring against my getting trim and toned. If that's the case, I would appreciate a clearer sign, so that I can just start mowing down the potato chips and watching endless reruns on TV, instead of fighting inevitable fate.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A clear and present problem

Not only are these butter-sugar-cocoa filled and frosted cupcakes delicious, they are also 100% homemade. Which means that I spent 1.5 hours that could have been otherwise productive churning out these bad boys.

The worst part of this whole thing? There are 12 of them (despite the relative harmlessness of the four in this photo). Which means that some of my friends are going to get choco-bombed tomorrow at school, because I sure as heck don't trust myself to be alone with these guys over the next few days without devouring them all. And the inevitable sugar rush alone would be devastating to my nerves. Some people play video games when they don't want to do homework. Me? The Kitchen-Aid is my procrastination station.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back to reality

These last few weeks have been filled with laughter, fun, miniature golf, an amazing day of shopping (sneakers! jeans! jacket! tank tops! vintage poster!). It's amazing how you forget the awesomeness of having your best bud around, how quickly awareness of that awesomeness returns to you, and how sad you feel once it's gone again. And it's also amazing how you can manage to squeeze such bad alliteration into one teeny, tiny blog post.

After an amazing week, back to the daily grind: homework, class, job search, apartment cleaning, etc., etc., etc.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A week's worth

It has rained, virtually non-stop, for the last three days. Hard rain, too, not just little drizzles—today, walking on campus, I splashed through a puddle that was literally ankle deep. And the worms! Don't get me started on the worms.

In other and better news, T comes to visit me tomorrow. WOOHOO! He'll be here until Saturday. I am practically crippled with happiness.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

And the real benefits...

Of having a wonderful boyfriend: getting things like this in the mail.

Dangers and Benefits

First: the dangers of being absent-minded. Paid for a coffee refill in the lounge this morning, filled my mug, left. Realized an hour later that I had left my wallet and phone on the milk counter.

Second: the benefits of attending a smaller, [relatively] honest school. When I went back in a panic, the woman behind the counter had it. It was not stolen.

I think there are several things that I should start doing in order to make my life less crazy.
1. Not forget things.
2. Put things away after I use them...in the same place!
3. Be conscious of what the heck I'm doing at all times, if possible.

Good plan. Now, if only I could implement it...

4. Follow through with plans.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Haircut: $40
Gas to get to salon: $1
Blow-dryer: $11.99
Finally getting rid of all the split ends and useless, dead volume: PRICELESS

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


And a pair of Crocs lined with fur just passed me.


The season's first confirmed mini-skirt + Ugg combo. Avert your eyes, lest ye be scorched by the sight and turned to stone.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

My favorite procrastination

If I don't want to do homework, I cook something. This is a fact well-known to all of my friends, who have pretty much welcomed the ritual bringing-of-the-baked-goods, usually commemorated on Sunday evenings when my unwillingness to read for class leads me to food websites dedicated to making my life more delicious. All those recipes! So little time!

On today's menu: macaroni and cheese with broccoli and sausage. Chocolate chip banana bread.

Ugh...my tummy....

Monday, September 01, 2008

Good morning klutz

While getting ready this morning I accidentally knocked my favorite hair brush off the counter and into the toilet. Please, observe a moment of silent mourning; it went straight into the trash.

I also drove to school this morning eating yogurt and banana out of the giant, 16 oz. yogurt container — there wasn't that much left, so I decided not to dirty a dish. In case anyone was wondering who that girl with the big plastic tub was — yeah, that was me.