Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sprint to the finish line

So...from now on, it's just a sprint to the finish line. Spring break is in my sights, I've got a few more hurdles to go over, and then it's home free!!! Well, not really, since I have two exams the week I come back, but still! At least I will experience a week of big, comfy beds, yummy yummy food, good company, and doggies!! I am planning on playing with my doggies a LOT. A LOT. I miss those guys.
Tom and I have also been hanging out a lot this week, which is makes me feel so happy hanging out with him. Gretch's visit was awesome, as well, but too short - and now she is in Argentina!! I hope you're doing well, Gretch.
Also, it's sunny outside. WEIRD but nice.
More later.

Thursday, February 16, 2006



So for Valentine's day, I wasn't even expecting to see my Valentine. But then somehow there was a miraculous convergence of mystical forces (or just me trying to work things out) and we got to go to dinner together!!! And then...and then! I went home (well actually I made him drive me home) and there was a gigantic duck waiting for me with a box of chocolates!!! A GIGANTIC DUCK!!! He is so awesome. So awesome. His name is Scooter because he is so fat that he has to scoot around on his tummy. He eats a lot. Isn't that so cool? I love it.

Pictures to follow. Also, Gretch is here and visiting and I couldn't be happier!!

Blue days, begone!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Feeling down

I feel like this.

I am currently experiencing shades of rainy day blues (though it's not raining) with a chance for tears. I've just been feeling down today - it was supposed to be a good day. I just got done with a hellish week. I was looking forward to simply relaxing and turning into a vegetable with the help of my two good pals, sleep and television. But I've only managed to be quietly leak from the corners of my eyes and I have that terrible, tight feeling in my chest all the time - you know, the feeling you get when you're about to cry? Yeah. That feeling. It sucks.
Not even chocolate is making me feel better. I am not in a happy place right now. I want to be back in a happy place. This depressed stuff sucks ass.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

AH so busy

OH my gosh it seems like this week all my teachers decided to dumpa load of crap ALL OVER ME. Actually it's not just me, it seems like everyone else has a zillion million billion things to do too. And it's HECK OF HECK OF HECKS cold outside, but I have these really fabulous, squishy warm blue boots that are SO SO NICE and snuggly. I can't wait for spring break, too, because it will be a welcome relaxation period. Also I miss my Tom. He is at school. I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO so this post is ending right about now. Hehe, the funk soul rubber right about now (is that how it goes?)