Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Jerzay...has been pretty awesome so far, gotta say. I am absolutely loving the return to civilization, including Asian food (so much Asian food!), being around the people I love and my doggy (in the singular sense, since Honeycomb is back in the hospital for the second time this summer), and, of course, the mall! I have been probably the most hare-brained person on the planet these last few days, though - I accidently left my wallet in Michigan and therefore am without my credit card, ID, and driver's license! Oh, the horror. At least I have supportive friends and family who allow me to bum off them while I am without proof of my social existence.

Ok, now I have to go. I'm going to New York! To see Hairspray! Broadway, here I come!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The last few days

So the wind-down has begun - more appropriately, I think I should say that the real wind-down has begun. Today is Tuesday, and I leave Mackinac on Friday. And it will be quite bittersweet.

I won't miss being away from my family, or the horse poop, or the sheer effort it takes just to get to Pizza Hut. But I will miss how beautiful it is here all the time.

And of course, I will miss the surprisingly fruitful shoe selection.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My new shoes


I know, I know, but look at how cute!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Graped Out

I bought grapes at Wal-mart last week. That means I have to eat them all, which means I am all graped out. In fact, I think I might have turned into a grape. Allow me to check.

No, I am still a person.

In addition to this, I've realized that I have a problem that involves over-shooting when I use my camera. When I cover events I often take upwards of 40 pictures. This problem is, in fact, hereditary, as my father must take seven shots of the same family photo and keep all of them despite the fact that the only difference is who's blinking.

In another interesting turn of events, Honeycomb, doggie extraordinaire, was hospitalized for several days over the weekend due to a torn ligament in his back leg. This makes me very sad and even more sad that I'm not there to cuddle and pet and treat him back to health. But I did get to see Lucky this weekend, which made me very happy, as his sweet, slightly dumb face was just as cute as ever.

Also, I'm quickly eating my way through a bag of Baked Cheetos. This is alarming.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Things I have learned in the past six days

A list:

-Chop suey is not confined to China, or even Asia. It is also made by little Polish grandmothers and served with egg noodles, though suspiciously resembling beef stew.
-Tons of people won't recognize that you got your hair cut. But when (and if) they do, they will be surprised and (hopefully) complimentary.
-A cucumber, sliced and dipped in honey mustard dressing, is delicious. And when you forget and leave the cucumber in the fridge when it was supposed to be your afternoon snack, you'll be very sad. But only until you remember that you have a cinnamon raisin bagel.
-Gas is expensive. But the whole country knows this.

This list is woefully short. Apparently, I have not learned much in the past six days.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A wonderful weekend, welcome water, and weather that's totally wack

So this weekend, my Tom came to visit me, and then his parents came to visit me, and it was wonderful. Poor, pragmatic, prosaic Tom, whose greatest literary pleasure is reading historical non-fiction, got dragged to two poetry events, one a reading, that filled his ear with the exact kind of metaphoric, similistic, and generally fantastic phrases he usually tries to avoid. (Is similistic a word? It is now.) But he was a great sport and provided excellent company. Plus he gave me lots of hugs.

One of the best things about his visit, though, is the gigantic 24-pack of aquafina he brought me that is sitting in the back room of the ofice, waiting patiently to hydrate me and make me oh so happy. And the water is very much welcome, and very much needed, because...

The weather is totally wack. It is hot, and not like a potato. This is more like chile pepper, Sonora Desert, Kokopelli hot, the likes of which I haven't seen since my desert days. Plus it's humid, so that makes things a little worse. Plus, it keeps threatening to rain but WON'T! What the heck is that? Rain already, and give us all a break from this stifling humidity.

On another, more random note, I have recently invested in the Mackinac Island Book Store, having purchased several tomes of edifying literature, among which are both Shopaholic Takes Manhatten and Shopaholic Ties the Knot. BUT! I DID buy To Kill A Mockingbird, so you can't laugh at me.

Much love, many hugs, mucho kisses,