Sunday, September 25, 2005

Lazy, yet satisfying.

Today I am being lazy and productive! Oh yes, beat that, other productive people who went to the library (read: Ruth). It is only 4 and I somehow feel like it's 6:30. This is a good arrangement, because now I have more time than I think I do! Oh joy!

This weekend was super duper awesome. I did nothing but laze around like a sleeping koala bear and I had a ton of fun doing it. Sometimes it's good to let your brain gelatinize. All that work it usually goes through tuckers it out.

I miss Tom. And Pudge the duck, who is at Tom's place so that he will be good company. But mostly I miss Tom. And it's only been...5 hours since I last saw him. Still. I always miss him the instant I don't see him any more.

Bernie has decided (that's me) to work hard. Really really hard. Therefore, I am going to BURN through my homework with all deliberate speed - Shakespeare! Critique! Stupidly dense and difficult to understand courts and judicial reading! Weird psych stuff that gives me a headache when I think about it too hard! YESSSSSSSSSS!

I have decided that logic does not go in circles. Instead it goes in curlicues. This is a good explanation for the fact that I can't always explain why I think what I think. It's complicated. See?

Look for my first column on Wednesday. I have decided that my column title will be "Take a quack at it" in honor of ducks everywhere. Again, my duck bathroom is pretty effin' sweet. Come take a look at it! It rocks. It is super cool. It fits the bill (hahahahahahahahahaha).

Should I do Honors English? Should I apply?

Oh Lordie. This is a dilemma.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Buckling down

Yes, I am, indeed, buckling down. I have lots of work to do and all of today to do it. And so, for the next 8 hours, I will be listening to music, snacking (but hopefully not too much as the pounds, I'm sure, are starting to pack on), and doing lots of homework while gossiping with my roomies. YAY I GOT DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES DVDS from the DAILY! Way to get free stuff.

Hmmm. I can make really good pasta dishes.

Tomorrow is my 6 month anniversary with my Tom. We are going out to dinner. I will be dressed up. OH IT IS SO EXSKITING.

Hmmm, let's see. What homework do I have today?

Reading for 317 and 330 (mucho mucho reading)
3 critiques for 223 and an assignment.
Reading for Shakespeare (who, in my notes, is affectionately known as Shake)
Some other shtuff.

Buckle down, Bernie, buckle down.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cracking up

I fear that I am...cracking up. My brain doesn't seem to function at normal levels anymore. I have to read stuff twice and sometimes three times just to get it, and it's only the second week of school. Oy.

Let's see, new things in my life. I miss Tom a lot whenever I'm not with him, and both of us are busy busy bees so that isn't really helping matters much. The apartment is still in a strange state of transition - we really have to do something about it because there just isn't really a comfortable place to sit. The kitchen situation is working well, though. We've kind of all just assumed familiarity with each others' habits and so far it's going well, except all of us are so busy that we're just in and out and hardly see each other. Arti's in the B-school, which apparently sucks out life force, Ruth has Pizza House and class, Irene has research work and class, and I have Daily and class. We run around all day and come home and collapse at night into our tiny little beds and wake up the next day to the stupid alarms that never seem to shut up.

Other than that, life at school is great. The weather's nice, if a little warm for my taste, my classes are interesting, I've seen lots of people from last year and done some catching up, and I've started cooking for myself. I even have my own set of keys, which is exciting because it makes me feel like I really have a place to call my own - though I do share it with three other girls. But they are three fabulous girls.

My bathroom is all ducks. It's pretty cool.

Not much else to report on the front, except that I seem to have this perpetual headache humming underneath my eyes, just below the surface. The only time it goes away is when I'm with Tom, when I'm cooking something especially yummy, or when I'm hanging out with the girls, which doesn't happen enough since we're all just scurrying around like ants. I wonder how to make it go away.