Monday, August 29, 2005


In the last three hours, I have made 50 cookies. Now I am sick of the sight of cookies, and also their taste and smell. But at least I have many friends who will be very happy tomorrow with their chocolatey treats.

Tomorrow, I am going to Ann Arbor to run errands and visit people. Hopefully my afternoon will be nice and free so I can hang out with my Tom.

I have discovered an addiction to baking. I love baking stuff. Today, my mom bought me a 17 piece bake set with all this really awesome stuff, like measuring cups and spoons and a sweet spatula. YES.

I'm wearing Jody's sweatshirt. I like it so much, but I shall have to return it to her the next time I see her. Today, Christine left for France. Shanti is already gone. It is so sad!!! I miss them already. But at least tomorrow I get to see some good ol' friends.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mosqitoes and more

For all those interested, I am in the middle of a temporary lull in the unbelievably dull dullness of my life. Cousins Erin (boy) and Ben are here visiting from the Land Down Under. Accents duly noted.

YAY! In the last week my oh so generous mother has very kindly allowed me to go out with my friends on several occasions! Hooray! What a cause for celebration. I dedicate this to Jody, therefore, whom I have seen on all four of my ventures into the world of normal, social creatures.

Hmm...According to my count it's only about 2.5 weeks until we get back to Ann Arbor. YES I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a new pair of shoes...actually, two new pairs of shoes since the last time we spoke. One pair is a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous set of pale, mint-green slingback stilletos. The other pair is a more traditional and functional, but no less gorgeous pair of black leather stiletto pumps. Tres sexy. Tres awesome.