Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A (semi) triumphant return, with breakfast

What you see above is my attempt to kickstart my day, and hopefully kickstart a return to (semi) regular blogging. I have sorely neglected this little journal and my very few readers, but as it's both good for me to write on a (semi) regular basis and keep my creative juices flowing, I'm going to make a real attempt this time. I (semi) promise! I also found my camera charger and port, so I can actually use it to take pictures instead of as a paperweight.

This morning's repast: one slice of homemade wheat toast, one egg, lightly fried, one handful of trail mix, and three fat strawberries. And a cup of coffee. Incidentally, when you start using a new coffee maker, it is perhaps better to follow the machine instructions on the amount of coffee to use (manufacturer suggests 3 tbsp for every 4 cups) instead of the instructions on the coffee bag (which suggests 2 tbsp for every 1 cup). This morning's coffee was undrinkable, as I used 8 tablespoons for a 4 cup brew, so I had to run it again with water in order to drink some coffee that didn't threaten to strip all the enamel off my teeth in one go. However, the newly diluted coffee is very delicious and I feel all fancy drinking coffee out of a coffee maker. Then I look over at the mound of dishes in the sink and the pile of laundry to be folded, and the fancy feeling disappears pretty quick, I can tell you.

I am currently stuck in limbo, and am determined to enjoy it instead of allowing myself to fall (again) into a rut. This is an opportunity for me to be productive! And I shall! I shall! Starting with a new resolution: start each morning by getting fully dressed and made up. There's something about staying in your pajamas all day that tends to get you muddled. I will hopefully avoid this and also teach myself some valuable lessons about how to apply foundation (in downward sweeping motions) and how to blend a smoky eye (crease, lid, browbone...I think).

In the meantime, Martha Stewart chirps in the back, there's chores and unpacking and organizing to be done, and this born-again blogger is signing off. I'll write again (semi) soon.