Sunday, August 30, 2009

A (somewhat) clean slate

I have a zillion billion articles of clothing. Like, whoa. It is ridiculous to the point that I am semi-disgusted with myself that I refuse to throw away those baby tees I wore when it was a) fashionable and b) attractive for me to show my midriff.

My thought process is sort of fascinating. The breakdown:
1) Pick up tiny pink tee shirt that hypothetically might (MIGHT) fit over my head.
2) Evaluate whether or not I will ever wear it again.
3) Put it in the Goodwill bag.
4) Move on to other articles of clothing.
5) Take tiny pink tee shirt OUT of Goodwill bag because my brain has convinced itself that I might someday need to wear it as part of a Britney Spears costume should I ever lose 20 pounds and become seriously ripped.
6) Put tee shirt back into the closet.

Repeat 6 months later.

I am trying to be ruthless. Really, I am. It is completely irresponsible to hang on to jeans that I can't even squeeze a leg into, not to mention a waste of space and a contribution to needless clutter. I've done a good job keeping my downstairs relatively junk-free (or so I fool myself) but the upstairs is an entirely different matter. If I can get my closet organized by the end of next week, I'll be proud of myself, not to mention utterly amazed. Fingers crossed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

All good things

Tomorrow morning I drive back to Indiana and school. This summer has been amazing and a great preview of what "married life" will be like once T. and I get hitched next summer.

Surprisingly, I managed to pack nearly everything this afternoon so there will be no scrambling around, last minute, to ensure that each power cord and half-empty lotion bottle somehow makes it into my vehicle. I've been spending the time snuggling and hanging out instead and I can't bring myself to believe that tomorrow morning, I'll wake up, drive away, and T. will come home from work and I won't be there.

This is going to be a massive adjustment. This is the last year that we'll have to do this sort of thing though, so I'm hoping that it goes by quickly. At least school and friends will provide a welcome distraction.