Sunday, January 28, 2007

A resolution

...being, that I will use this blog more frequently to keep updates on my life (moving to Milwaukee, etc., etc.) freely available. Today's episode: adventures of apartment hunting.

I am so pleasantly surprised by the ease of finding an affordable, non-12-month-lease-able apartment in Milwaukee. After making the drive in 3.3 (!) hours, the parents and I saw three different apartments and finally decided on the first one we saw without bothering to continue our search. The building my new apartment in is a charming, brick construction, 8 floors, with a sun-deck — perfect, according to Ramon, the building manager, for summer sandwich eating and firework watching. Ramon, an small character of a man who works as the manager in exchange for free rent, cable, and no doubt a small salary, spent his afternoon running up and down to get the keys he'd neglected to bring along (since we wished to see more than the one apartment he had been planning on).
The apartment itself is a small affair, lovingly called an efficiency, which term more aptly describes what needs to be done with one's furniture and knicky-knacky type things. It's very small, which in itself is more virtue than fault because it will keep me from accumulating...stuff...with a magnificently large closet to house all my clothes and shoes. After I finish shopping for career clothes, I have decided not to buy any more clothes unless absolutely necessary. I have a ridiculous amount, and I am growing slightly ashamed of the size of my shoe collection.
The only hitch in the apartment itself is the kitchen, which is literally smaller than the closet. However, as I am only one person, and not an excessively large one at that, I think this will be ok and will force me to keep the kitchen clean (because if I don't, dishes will undoubtedly spill out into my normal living space).
It is on the seventh floor, which provides a slight view, and is accessibly by the most absolutely charming elevator, which has double doors. The outer set is opened and closed by hand (very old fashioned, wherein lies its charm) and you see an intriguing little window at each floor you stop at.

This has been a long post, but hopefully one that provides sufficient introduction to my life in Milwaukee. More to come. And pictures.