Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An update of the bloggingest kind

So, what's going on in my life right now?

School + Daily + Social Life = CRAZZZZZZY!

Like super crazy.

On a bright note, this summer I am living on Mackinac Island and writing for the Mackinac Town Crier, the weekly newspaper up there. it is going to be a hoot!! I am so excited and I really hope I get lots of visits from lots of people, all of whom I miss dearly and would love to see.

I have lots of papers and lots of tests and lots of assignments. This weekend is also Daily elections, that grueling all night ordeal that makes everyone wonder why they're sitting in a stuffy room with 60 other people, all of whom are also thinking the same thing. I am baking a cake.

Sofa is coming to visit this weekend, however! And Tater is too, and it is also MJ's birthday! Oh how exciting.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Haha I love taking stupid online quizzes

What Makes You.. by SheBangs12
Your name?
Your gender?
What makes you sexy?Your legs
What makes you pretty?Your figure
What makes you loveable?How dorky you are
What makes you fun?Your positive attitude
What makes you irresistable?Your laugh
What makes you cute?How you laugh
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