Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update, in brief

Before I update, has anyone else noticed how spookily Jessica Simpson-esque Fergie looks in the video for "Big Girls Don't Cry"? Not to mention the fact that it looks like she's wearing the same ugly hat in two different colors in the video. Seriously. Get new headwear.

Anyway. Away from my obscene preoccupation with pop culture and terrible but strangely fascinating music.

I'm in the zoo for most of this week and the next, but I'll be making trips back and forth to a) keep an eye on the apartment and b) haul all the junk that we've somehow managed to leave here to where it's supposed to be. Sheesh. I hve a lot of stuff. This has not, unfortunately, inspired me to do anything more feng shui than rearranging my books by height. And buying new ones, at that. I think I'm a lost cause as far as the book thing goes.

Honeycomb and Lucky have been really good company over the last couple of days, despite the slight annoyances of their costant wrassling. I can't imagine what it'd be like without those two fluffy guys to hang around with. They're lots of fun to play with outside but probably they're just good for the soul, and having them makes it feel like I'm still with family.

On another note, I'm gearing up for law school, and reading the few books from the reading list I could actually track down. It's an optional list, yes, but the paranoid in me insists that I at least make an effort to read several of the optional 31 (yes, 31!) books. Especially since I'm sure someone will have read them all and then I'll feel incredibly intimidated. At least this way I might be able to nod along with a vague understanding.

Some of the material has made me a little nervous about what I'm getting myself into but I'm still feeling pretty good, in a "challenge is good" sort of way. This attitude, I'm sure, will wear off the second I step foot into a classroom, but right now I'm willing to give it a good chance to buck up my spirits.

In other news, I get to see Tom in just a couple of weeks. Which is fantastic. We haven't been seperated for this long since...well, ever.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter

I just finished. It was everything I wanted it to be.

Monday, July 02, 2007


The only regret I have about leaving Milwaukee is that I don't miss it more.

I do miss it a great deal, especially the 2/$4 bags of Red Hot Blues organic tortilla chips at the Metro Market, or the best tuna sandwich ever (!) at the Pfister hotel, or the view I had of the city from my 6th story gym. But I wish I missed it more. I didn't take nearly enough advantage of the city while I was there. Whether that was from sheer bashfulness, or paranoia, I'm not sure, but there is many a sidewalk that did not benefit from my feet. And leaving on the eve of Summerfest was certainly a cruel twist of fate that should have me sighing more often than I do.

Oh well. I guess I'll just have to go back. But in the short time I was there, I did love it, and that's something saying about a city you live in completely, utterly, on your own.

Meanwhile, the times (and the house, and the car, and the lives) they are a-changin'. We bid a fond and sad farewell to our big black car. My mom actually sat in it for half an hour before letting it go into the hands of its capable (and familiar, so we'll be able to visit it) new owners. I have trouble trolling for books to read during quiet afternoon lapses in packing because most, if not all, of my readable books are packed away in layers of cardboard and stacked in strange piles in our unnervingly empty garage. The cabinets are slowing yielding their contents and not getting replenished. We clean our house frantically for complete strangers to traipse through in fifteen minute intervals, breaking our necks to get the last specks of dirt off the ceiling fans before realtors unlock our doors, usher in prospective buyers, and proceed to judge our abode. It's sad.

China, you better be worth it.