Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well, wouldn't you know

Just as I blog about not having anything to blog about, I realize that I do have something to blog (the bloggiest sentence ever blogged, I think). It's time for the Summer Round-up List!

Books I have read:
-Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill*
-Year of Wonders by Gwendolyn Brooks*
-People of the Book by Gwendolyn Brooks*
-A Simple Plan by Scott Smith*
-Gunslinger (The Dark Tower Vol. I) by Stephen King*
-Desperation by Stephen King*
-Candles Burning by Tabitha King and Michael McDowell
-Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn*
-Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
-Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer

Books I have re-read:
-The Lost World by Michael Crichton
-IT by Stephen King

Books I have started to read but have not finished (and the forecast isn't good):
-The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon
-A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott
-The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman

Movies I have watched:
-Star Trek (x2)
-Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (x2)
-Downfall (or Der Untergang)
-Rachel Getting Married
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Movies I have re-watched:
-P&P (both versions)
-Quantum of Solace
-Enemy at the Gates
-lots of other piddly little ones I don't feel like listing

This summer's signature food: homemade pizza

This summer's signature beverage: water from the fridge (bottled b/c the municipal water tastes like crap)

This summer's shoe: the Steve Madden Astro in black (seriously so comfortable)

This summer's anthem: Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester

This summer's album: Fearless, Taylor Swift

Phew! The last three months in one post...not an easy task, my friends. I probably forgot about 27.64 things.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Terrible, the blogger

I suck at blogging; unfortunately I have nothing interesting enough to write about, so my small audience will just have to wait for my next semi-attention-holding post.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Joining the clubs

As of this moment, I am the proud owner of the following shop club cards:
-CVS Extracare
-Martin's Shopper's Card
-ShurFine Gold Card
-Giant Card
-Food Lion MVP

Why? I ask you. Each of these cards saves me probably at least $10-12 every time I shop, but I don't understand the logic. It takes me 22 seconds to fill out one of those forms and then the membership is free. They make no money off of me by forcing me to get a card. I shop where the sales are good. The little plastic tab on my keychain does nothing to buy my loyalty (although they do look awfully cute swinging back and forth from the ignition). Stores are weird.

Other news: car was a little broken, and now is fixed (after a whole lot of inconvenience). The giant bag of popsicle tubes in the freezer is slowly decreasing. I think I killed my second basil plant (actually, I had forgotten about it until just this second). The new hair stuff I got from Victoria's Secret makes my locks lustrous and shiny smooth. I loathe wearing pantyhose in the summertime. I found the perfect Americana dress for Fourth of July (black and white plaid) that I can easily put jeans under and a sweater over for fireworks at night. We found a place to host the wedding and I LOVE IT.

Um...dispatches to continue upon occurrence of interesting events.