Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obligatory post about wow there's a lot of snow

Yes. There is a lot of snow. My boots are getting a workout and I think I will have to invest in a new pair if I'm going to make it through two more winters like this—the ones I have now are slowly giving way.

Spring break approaches, and I will be heading to my [not-so-native] home in Kansas, where I will hopefully sleep a lot, eat a lot, enjoy the not-as-cold-or-snowy weather, and hopefully squeeze in some study time, seeing as I have a midterm and an oral argument when I get back, not to mention exams that will be upon me before I know it.

I've also realized that I am shamefully non-observant. There are a bajillion (well, not that many) 1Ls walking around the lawschool that I swear just transferred in, because I don't even recognize them from walking in the hallways. Case in point: there's a girl who sits behind me in Property that I have never seen before. At first I thought she was an admitted student sitting in on a class, but I think that when you bring a computer to the same class four times in a row and take notes, you're probably an actual student.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ugh, being sick sucks. I've finally caught the bug that seems to have been making its rounds among all law students. Unfortunately, somehow this sickness has manifested itself in the form of sheer exhaustion, sore throat, and a strange, uncomfortably hot feeling whenever I wake up. Also I've been queasy. Gross.

Another bad side effect: stupid little things set me off. Today I got all worked up because the cafe at school raised the price of a bagel from 99 cents to $1.29. It actually made me really upset. This was just one indication, as L. said: pants that are cranky. I can't believe I got all hot and bothered about a bagel. But I just couldn't bring myself to pay so much a bagel that didn't even come with cream cheese. So instead I ate pretzel sticks from the vending machine. That's me, sticking it to the man.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The difficulties of being a study-eater

You end up consuming enough food in one day to power a small village, and you feel guilty about it so you dance around your apartment in an aerobically motivated frenzy in an effort to shed those extra 10,000,000 calories.

Spring can't come soon enough. I need some motivation to get outside.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Money can't buy me love

This Valentine's Day, T and I have decided to go by the no-gift policy, partially to bolster our ever-shrinking-student-budgets and mostly because we get more pleasure out of each other's company. Unfortunately, T won't be in town for the big day, but we spent a very relaxing weekend simply hanging out, eating a lot of food, and playing a lot of rummy. We also watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and while I still retain respect for Cate Blanchett, I have to say that it didn't really impress me as much as I hoped it would—too many unnecessary prison scenes, and too few naval battle montages. I also acquired 4 previously viewed DVDs from the video store, and I have to say I'm really happy with my purchases—seasonal depression has had enough of an effect that all I want to do is stay burrowed in my blankets (in fact, this is how I do most of my homework nowadays) and having a good movie on in the background helps further my hibernating tendencies. Money might not be able to buy me love, but it does a decent job of getting me a two-hour Sofia Coppola fix.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The craziest of crazy nights, in ways more than one

Friday night in South Bend=strangely surreal.

Last night, myself, L., M., S., and E. took it upon ourselves to hang out at S.'s before heading out to hit the local hotspots (read: bars playing Journey and Hannah Montana, all in the same evening). We play a crazy game of Fork/Spoon/Cow/Horse (Is that what it's called?) and medicate with our various libations: me with tequila, S., M., and E. with v/t, and L. with a carefully selected six-pack of Miller Lite. Lest his role be forgotten, T. was also there, and definitely earned his role as driving champion of the night.

After S.'s, we head straight to Finny's, a SB watering hole known for its stringent double-ID standard and not much else. Here comes the back story.

Recently, a M.E. had caught the attention of L. (and consequently, of everyone in our group). After a few days of diligent girlfriend reconnaissance, L. made first contact and extended (possibly the most smooth, nonchalant, EVER) invitation to join all of us out tonight. Keep in mind, this is less of an invitation and more of a "Here's the info, come out if you want to." L. has skills that few possess.

Because of their brief acquaintance, L. had not expected M.E. to come out, especially since he had previously told her that he almost never went out on Friday nights. However, hope springs eternal and the girl posse loaded up in hopes that M.E. would break his boring-non-Friday streak and come out. We place the chance of seeing him at somewhere between 5-10%.

Certain discussions are had, and S. ends the evening in a very strange place—just as strange as L., who, while deep in discussion with me about M.E., turns around to find him standing two feet away from her.

This is the reaction of everyone as soon as we find out. I almost fall down, I am so surprised and excited; M. and S., once they realize M.E. was in the hizzouse, probably feel the same way. L., however, is possibly the smoothest woman in the world, and swallows the urge to jump up and down clapping her hands. She gets into an animated conversation with M.E., and then all of M.E.'s friends. Meanwhile, S. and I are running interference for L. with our other friends, all of whom seem compelled by a simultaneous urge to talk to her. I think we did our job well, because before we knew it L. and M.E. were deep into what looked like a very interesting conversation.

Because he came with a group, M.E. ends up leaving sooner than we'd have liked—however, what he did and when he left means nothing because HE CAME OUT!!! And we had it from the source that he never did Fridays, and thus his appearance signaled more than a little interest in L., at least to our eagle eyes.

Following all of this excitement, S., L., and I (M. and E. having left earlier) load up and got on our way home. S. and L. decide to make a night of it, so we swing by S.'s to she can grab her toothbrush, and are on our way back to L.'s when S. gets a call from S.C., asking her to come and pick him up so they can talk. We head back to Finny's, which is in the same direction as S.'s apartment, only to realize that he has actually gone back to his apartment. We turn around, drive to S.C.'s apartment, pick him up, bring him back to S.'s so they can talk, and turn around again and take L. home. T., who has been driving the whole time, provides some much needed common sense as L. and I proceed to do nothing but squeal and laugh and scream about OMG HOW EXCITING M.E. CAME OUT TONIGHT OMG!

Thus ended our night—at 3:30 a.m. Like I said...surreal. But last night was one of those nights that will go down in the annals of history, if for nothing more than the sheer fact that HE CAME OUT OMG OMG HE CAME OUT!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No time, but still time

Thus far, this semester is kicking my butt. The class schedule is staggered very strangely, and as a result makes it much more difficult to evenly distribute the workload. As a result, I end up doing reading for all my classes in one night, and in addition to this Con Law definitely is giving me the mental runaround.

However! I am determined. So I'm still caught up, and I feel like I might actually even be learning things. But it will become important for me to start synthesizing things soon, before the concepts I learned in the first week float out of my mind completely; the outlining begins early this semester, if everything goes as planned.

It felt good to get this out of my mind. Seeing it in writing just reinforces my conviction that improved time management is the key to a sane, successful semester.

Now back to work.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Oh. My. God.*

Perfection does exist!

*Snaps to Kristopher Dukes for posting about these.