Friday, June 27, 2008

Library, where art thou?

This weekend, I am making it MY MISSION to get a library card and start some reading. MY MISSION, I say. See the all caps? That means I'm SERIOUS.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sun. Bern.

This summer's weather has been a whole lotta hot, stormy, humid insanity. Despite this I think I might be falling in love with Kansas a little bit. There are more than a few quirks that take some getting used to — the strange fact that locations in Kansas don't show up on my car's navigational system, for one thing — it has been a pleasurable June by all accounts.

Getting used to living at home again is definitely a challenge, though easier than I expected it to be. The best part is just having my parents around. Living alone has taught me to value company a whole lot more than I used to. Maurice, too, seems to have adjusted well to his new abode. Mohawk, my mom's fish, likes to swim near the side of his tank and then they both puff up. It's fun to watch.

In other news, T and I will probably be apart for the longest time ever this summer. This sucks. However, being as busy as I've been (8-5 work days, often 8-6, and social events besides) I've had little time to dwell on the separation. What with my work schedule and his study schedule, this summer is just a hump we're going to have to get over. I think we're doing OK so far. I've definitely been missing other people too — it's not really any fun without my girlfriends here to be wild and crazy with. But before I know it the summer will be over and school will be upon me.

Now, some quick bullets:
-this summer's beverage: Diet Coke (free at my firm)
-this summer's bad habit: buying shoes
-this summer's anthem: Forever by Chris Brown
-this summer's soundtrack: Little Voice, Sara Bareilles
-this summer so far: sunny, with a side of storm (both figurative and literal descriptions)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My life, once again my own

Quick bullet post:

-YooHoo: world's greatest beverage. Just don't look at the ingredients.
-Braum's: world's greatest ice cream. Try the peanut butter cup.
-Kansas weather this summer so far: totally. utterly. wack.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Obligatory post about "Sorry, I didn't post"

I was very busy.

And I am still very busy. Posts will likely be very sporadic until such time as things in my life calm down a little.